Find an Expert Handyman in Kingston

When you're looking for a handyman in Kingston Upon Thames KT1 you don't have to choose between an affordable price and a quality service. Just pick up the phone, give us a call and you'll get both! Keeping your home running as it should and getting on with your own life isn't hard, but sometimes anyone could do with a helping hand. We're here when you need us, able to tackle all the work you need done, and we'll charge you fair rates for great workmanship.

How Thinking and Planning Makes for Superior Handyman Services in Kingston KT1?

We've thought long and hard to come up with a way to deliver handyman services in Kingston Upon Thames that keeps things simple, convenient and safe for our clients. Here's what we've come up with:

  • One contact point for all the jobs you need doing in your home - from TV installation to electrics, we do it all.
  • All work is delivered by experienced tradesmen with the necessary certifications for specialist tasks, and our work is backed by a guarantee.
  • With a large team of locally-based handymen we have the resources to offer same-day services.
  • You can combine different tasks into one visit, saving yourself time and money.
  • Your handyman has the tools and experience needed to work quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Call Your Kingston Upon Thames KT1 Handyman For Any Sized Job

  • Odd Jobs: Get those blinds or curtains fitted, pictures up on the walls, and the shower screen installed.
  • Electrical work: We'll rewire a whole home, prepare a safety report or solve the mystery of those flickering lights.
  • Plumbing: From stopcock repairs to leaky pipes or drain unblocking. Our skilled plumbers will install your sinks and toilets, too.
  • Painting and Decorating: No job too big or too small - call us to paint the whole house or just to refresh a single room.
  • Carpentry Services: Our carpenters will hang doors or fit floors. They have all the drills, hammers, screwdrivers and measuring tapes they need, and work fast and accurately.
  • Refurbishment Services: Treat yourself to a new kitchen or bathroom - it'll cost less than you think! We refurbish commercial properties too.

Residencies Fit for Royals in Kingston Upon Thames...

We've learned a few things about the local area in our time:

  • Kingston Upon Thames was the first royal borough and the crowning place of Saxon kings.
  • Kingston's a great place to do your shopping, browse the daily ancient market or treat yourself at the modern Bentall Centre, where you'll find all the top chain stores.
  • The borough is celebrated amongst literary buffs too - John Galsworthy was born there and the Kingston Arts Council hosts an annual Readers' Festival.
  • Kingston Upon Thames has one of the lowest crime rates in London, and so is regarded as one of the safest places to live.